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All of this protest is tactical combat against specific unlawful and extreme policies. Some of them have been surprisingly effective against the specific targeted policies, so far.

But as we protest, we need to focus on an achievable strategic goal.

What is, today, achievable and necessary?

Broadly speaking, two *different* things are going on right now.

- Conservatives are in power and are implementing conservative policies and priorities.

- A dangerously unfit narcissist with no commitment to or experience in public service, manipulated by a terrifying white supremacist, holds the White House, and is tearing down the normal process of government.

We as progressives, as liberals, object to both.

But they are different problems with different levels of severity and different timescales.

In the short term we cannot prevent the first one, only slow it and moderate it, without ourselves threatening the normal process of government. It is, arguably, the necessary and straightforward implication of free elections that this first item happens from time to time. We have important responsibility to oppose it, but our responsibility is primarily to work toward the next election and ameliorate the damage to those hurt.

But the second one is also happening. It is not a normal development. It threatens the survival of our democracy, our country, and arguably the human race. A strategy for solving this problem needs to be developed as swiftly and successfully as possible.

The strategy must be in service to an achievable goal, and I argue there is one, and only one, achievable goal that will solve this problem.

President Michael Pence.

It will do nothing about the first problem - in fact it will exacerbate it. But *if we are to survive as a nation and as a species* we must understand that the problem of Trump's unfitness is far more serious.

There is a certain mechanism available to us that, if applied successfully, will reach that goal. To apply this mechanism successfully requires we make alliance with certain political forces.

Specifically, we need the help of the forces that will be our adversaries in the next election.

And of course that calculus is uppermost in their minds.

So the question is how we gain their alliance - the specific alliance of these three entities:

- 24 Republican members of the House.
- 19 Republican Senators.
- Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

I don't have a proposed path to reaching that goal. I only argue that we need to focus on the most serious problem, an achievable goal that solves that problem, and develop a strategy to reach that goal. And I do not see an alternative to the goal of President Pence.


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