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If there were no Trump, I would have a wonky and nonpartisan question for McClintock, and I'd be genuinely interested in his answer. (I still am, it's just that with an ongoing literal, not rhetorical, fascist takeover of the country that we have to fight, it doesn't really seem like the most relevant thing in the world. But I still wonder about it.)

The question is this. McClintock is, if anything, more personally conservative than his caucus is generally. But since the election he's been willing to push a strategically wise position on ACA repeal/replace - that he is not only decrying but voting against measures that would repeal any part of the ACA, because he says repeal without a replacement to cover "most" of the people affected by the repeal would come back to haunt Republicans in 2018.

Now, of course he's right. And there's not going to be any meaningful "replace", of course, so this is going to be a clusterfuck for them. But my question, which in calmer times I would very much like to put to him and want to know the answer for reasons entirely unrelated to whether we could unseat him, is:

"Do you find that with the California open primary system, where the top two candidates in the primary results regardless of party become the two general election candidates, has made you more willing to stand up against obviously bad ideas being pushed by the elements of your party more concerned with purity than strategy?"

That is, does the open primary give him confidence that he won't be coming in lower than second, and that if he comes in second to an even dumber teabilly he'll count on the Democrats and enough Republican support to stick with the devil they know in the general election?

Because if so, we should be telling the other 49 states about it. Because honestly, in 2021, it might be better for President Gillibrand to face 52 Republicans in the Senate who aren't terrified of being teabagged in their primary than 48 who are.


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