Jan. 9th, 2007 01:39 pm
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Santa was good to me this year. I'm up to page 75 (out of 700), and this is indeed a gaming product beyond any other.

S'a shame I'm already about 70% of the way through the Banewarrens and that I placed it in Faerun -- though I could of course go the whole way, completely replace Tantras with Ptolus, replace the Vast with the empire described in the sourcebook, and modify Faerun such that it fits the cosmology.

But the current campaign has other plans after the Banewarrens, anyway. And it seems like the Warrens would fit well as the midpoint of a Ptolus campaign, one where you built up to it through city adventures, a few pokes into the dungeons, and other Ptolus modules, and make it part of a continuing storyline that leads to more dangerous and deep places there, and finally into the world's cosmology.

In short, if I want to run Ptolus, I should have first-level characters start in Ptolus.

Besides, as Cook himself notes in the chapter on running campaigns in Ptolus, the most obvious thing to do is to rip off Brust and run a Jhereg-like organization on the Ptolus streets. I'd need players interested in that.

Maybe I could revisit the idea of running something on Wednesdays or Thursdays again. Or occasional weekends. Though the gamers we've seduced into occasional runs to Roseville are already probably coming out here as much as they could stand to. And most other gamers I know in the bay area are either insanely busy with their own kids or eschew d20.

Maybe I could find shiny new gamers out here - though, really, when would I find the time?

arrgh. Not enough hours in a day? Not enough years in a life.
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Banewarrens spoilers... the PCs have been on planar vacation for five days, and they've essentially phoned the office to see how things are going...Read more... )
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Next adventure in Tantras...Read more... )
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Better post this before the next session, or I'll never catch up once fallen behind...Read more... )
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Continuing our adventure...Read more... )
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Note: This will be a shorter writeup, as less happened this week. Read more... )
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Some of this writeup is more meta than I wanted for this campaign journal, but I feel it's unavoidable in this case. We had a clash of assumptions, and it's more my fault than my players'. We'll get it straight before the next episode. Read more... )
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hidden behind a tag that says Read more... )
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The Faerun city of Tantras, situated on the coast of the Vast, across the Dragon Reach from Sembia and Cormanthor, was known in the old tongue pre-Dalereckoning as Ptolus. Beside the city is an impossibly tall and thin black spire, considered part of the landscape and dominating the coastline for miles around, which has been there as long as anyone can remember. It is said that during the Time of Troubles, Bane's mortal avatar was attempting to breach the Spire, which was defended by Torm -- Torm, as you know, eventually prevailed -- since that time the Spire has been considered something of a good-luck charm for the city, though Torm's clerics say their god has nothing to do with the Spire.

Major spoilers for the published Banewarrens adventure will follow in each of these chapters...Read more... )
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With Chris's car dead and Champions on indefinite hiatus, we've done a bit of D&D (Little Women in Freeport, held up for the holidays but almost done) and I have been announcing plans for like the last two months to run Monte Cook's Banewarrens next (but not for LW). Jason and Wendy and Sherilyn have made characters -- two 5th level characters each, everyone has two dissimilar classes, all six nonevil alignments and five different races represented.

But anyway, I've had about $200 worth of Faerun stuff sitting on my shelf for several years now and never touched it.

So since the holidays I've pulled out two of the books and looked at some of it. Not bad. It's no Glorantha, but it's a mature world with some amount of intelligence in its design. Some sense of place and variety, and (importantly) it's a setting that plays to the strengths of D&D -- i.e. don't try to vary too much from the high-fantasy, medieval feudal concept, make sure there's an absurd number of threats for your absurd number of high-level bored adventurers to work with. Of course it's munchkinesque, but D&D as a whole is.

Faerun, in short, could be a fun place to visit.

So I'm tentatively planning to shoehorn Ptolus into Faerun somewhere, so my PCs (and I) can have a world around the city, and possibly someplace else for the characters to go when the Banewarrens are done. Those who are interested can... Read more... )


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