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With Chris's car dead and Champions on indefinite hiatus, we've done a bit of D&D (Little Women in Freeport, held up for the holidays but almost done) and I have been announcing plans for like the last two months to run Monte Cook's Banewarrens next (but not for LW). Jason and Wendy and Sherilyn have made characters -- two 5th level characters each, everyone has two dissimilar classes, all six nonevil alignments and five different races represented.

But anyway, I've had about $200 worth of Faerun stuff sitting on my shelf for several years now and never touched it.

So since the holidays I've pulled out two of the books and looked at some of it. Not bad. It's no Glorantha, but it's a mature world with some amount of intelligence in its design. Some sense of place and variety, and (importantly) it's a setting that plays to the strengths of D&D -- i.e. don't try to vary too much from the high-fantasy, medieval feudal concept, make sure there's an absurd number of threats for your absurd number of high-level bored adventurers to work with. Of course it's munchkinesque, but D&D as a whole is.

Faerun, in short, could be a fun place to visit.

So I'm tentatively planning to shoehorn Ptolus into Faerun somewhere, so my PCs (and I) can have a world around the city, and possibly someplace else for the characters to go when the Banewarrens are done. Those who are interested can... Read more... )


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