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The real tragedy of something like Virginia Tech is that sometime soon, some politician looking to score points with the reflexively limp-dicked nannystaters is going to call for a total ban on killing.

Look, the laws we have against killing are clearly ineffective. It didn't prevent this, after all. What we should do is let individuals take responsibility for their own defense: teach every American how to kill people, and repeal laws all laws against killing. If nanny-state laws didn't forbid most responsible forms of killing, the nutjob who was killing people in Virginia would have been killed in retaliation by somebody once he started his rampage. And many of those tragically killed could have been saved, if only they had the means to kill people themselves.

Let me be the first to call for a return to responsible gunplay in our once-proud schools.

Nanny-state regulations that infringe on my inherent right to kill lead inevitably to totalitarian repression. A violent society is a polite society.

After all, look how polite everybody is today.
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Here we go again, blaming the media.

Doesn't everybody know that parents can just keep this stuff away from their kids if they don't want them to see it? So what if it's on the cover of Cosmopolitan -- it's not like you have to take your kids anywhere that they'll see a Cosmo cover.

And anyway, claiming these sorts of media bombardments affect kids -- what, you don't think kids can tell the difference between fantasy and reality?

The rise in inappropriate behavior is totally due to parents just not doing their jobs. Media has nothing whatsoever to do with it. Children should just be raised in total radio silence about their culture, except that parents also are fools for protecting them from it, and should just monitor them at all times.

The reason parents today aren't doing their jobs, unlike a generation ago, is, of course, their moral character being degraded from spending so much time watching sex and violence.


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