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Dec. 3rd, 2002 10:16 pm
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In other aspects of my life.

Going to Florida soon -- overnight (ugh) flights with the three kids, but I'll get to see my mom and my oldest brother, his wife and kids (my godson is in /college/, my god I'm getting old).

Robert has undergone an amazing personality transplant in the last few months. He slowly started getting sullen sometime after Joshua was born (and I stopped working from home), and it accelerated sharply when I started working in the bay. But in the last few months something powered up and clicked on inside him -- he started realizing he has the power to affect other's moods with his own, and -- when he's sufficiently alert and nontired -- he has become downright angelic. Much of the time. (Some of it may have to do with my schedule settling down; one night away each week is a biiig improvement over what I had to do over the summer. Or perhaps I delude myself by thinking I have something to do with his change.)

Katie whines, but that's because she's four. She's also remarkably precocious in conversation, not in subject matter but in mature conversational style.

Joshua is a cherubic little terror. Nothing is safe from this destructive monster -- and we adore him despite it. My mother's house -- with its glass tables, fake potted plants, and tables of pictures -- is going to be a wreck by the time we leave.

They've lived through a million things since I last journaled about them. But they're growing up -- the important thing is that the things happened, not so much that they're recorded... of course it's a happiness when you have the stories to look back on, so perhaps I'll journal more.

Or perhaps I won't have the time. Having time this evening to write anything was pretty unusual.

which is a whole nother entry...


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