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Glorantha back in Runequest, under a real, and successful, RPG publisher...
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So I am currently wrestling with these questions for River of Cradles:

- how much should spirit magic (battlemagic) cost? 5 per point, 3 per Detect point?

- should weapon-enhancing spirit magic really go up to 4 points? +2 OCV, +4 DCs does seem like a lot, even though the damage scales of RQ and Hero are very similar and +4 DCs is very close to a flat +4 to damage.

- how much should one-use rune magic cost?

- how much should reusable rune magic cost?

- can the perks of rune mastery be modeled somehow? (examples of things hard to model: ability to go above 100% in a skill, better POW gain roll)

- are martial arts permitted? It seems like Humakti should have martial maneuvers with swords. Perhaps each cult has a set of martial maneuvers its runelord training permits...

- is Hero really properly balanced for Glorantha? For um 15 points you can get +5 to DCV with three maneuvers including Dodge, allowing a Dex 18 hero with Shimmer 4 to walk about a battle with a DCV 18, and there are very few area effect magics or attacks in Glorantha. On a related note: shall I introduce a way to trade damage levels for OCV? The reverse is already possible...

- should stat costs be tweaked? EGO (=POW) is much more important in Glorantha since everyone casts POW v POW spells, and STR is much more important in sword and sorcery campaigns in general (STR's 1/point cost being about half what it should be anyway). Sometimes I think all six primary stats should just cost 3 per point, and DEX should split into two stats (MAN and AGI, separating out OCV and DCV and splitting the skills down the line) each costing 3. But it also seems awfully fiddly.
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details that I emailed to my players. Putting discussion here. After the break. Read more... )
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I posted/emailed about this once before, but it's now much closer to the time when I'm going to run it, and I want to start working out who's going to be in it.

I'm going to run a River of Cradles Borderlands campaign once Balazar ends (which I expect to be sometime this summer). It will encompass the adventures in Shadows on the Borderlands, as well as incorporating some scenarios from Sun County and the old Borderlands pack, woven into a single narrative.

Mike ran at least one of these adventures in his Gloranthan Werewolf campaign. This won't stop players from being part of my campaign but it will place some restrictions -- see below.

This probably isn't a game for total Gloranthan newbies unless you're at least a little motivated to learn... but it doesn't require that you be a runemaster either. Players from my Balazar campaign are welcome and get preference (since I know they show up regularly for a biweekly Wednesday night game).Read more... )


Dec. 8th, 2004 06:34 pm
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Hounds of Balazar has been fun but is winding down, as the team is likely to succeed or fail at freeing Firshala soon (shortly after the new year).

So I'm thinking about my next move, and wondering if there would be any interest if, starting early next year, I were to attempt to run Shadows on the Borderland, using Gloranthan Hero, for a small group of 3-5 players.

Unlike Balazar, it's for people who know Glorantha. Shadows on the Borderland is a campaign rooting out chaos in the wild wastes of the Zola Fel valley. It involves a fair bit of mystery-solving, where most of the clues make a lot more sense to players who have the above level of familiarity with Glorantha. It'd require a group of MV/PAers who:

a) have some number of Wednesday evenings free (either every week or every other week, as players prefer)
b) have some Gloranthan experience
c) have some interest

"some Gloranthan experience" is, hm, let me think of what a useful level is. Someone who knows whether a young man would be happier spending the evening with a worshipper of Babeester Gor or Uleria; how likely it is that you'll meet a female mayor in a Sun County village; what it means when there's Malia worship in a small town; and why you'd rather be sold as a slave to an Etyries than a Morokanth.

I'm asking this in horde email as well as on my lj, wondering if anyone's interested... or if everyone has too much life for another Wednesday commitment.
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Upsilon: abstract Display class set up. Wrote the skeleton of a dos window implementation. Sometime later I can implement a different one for a standard linux window, after I pore over some nethack or angband code that uses ncurses. I'm not sure the object division is correct, but that's part of the learning process.

Gloranthan Fantasy Hero: this weekend I have to divide up the characters, and work out a numerical conversion for monsters -- compare critters that are in both games' bestiaries and figure out 'okay, a RQ Str of X equals a Hero STR of Y', so I can rough out a way to glance at, say, a walktapus and figure out what its RQ stats should be.

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